new Enemy

What do you struggle with the most

when you think about sugar?

If you’re a woman over 45 with children, give me 45 minutes of your time and I’ll teach you how to NEVER wake up tired again!

What do these 3 problems have in common?

  • Waking up tired

  • Constant cravings

  • Feeling guilty after eating

The answer both obvious, and devious. As a mom, you already know sugar is bad for you. But you may not have heard of this recent breakthrough:

The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently published a confounding study: “sugar is more addicting than cocaine.” Sugar messes with your mood, turning sweet days sour when you don’t get to act on your craving. Which means…Sugar has actual, real withdrawal symptoms, preventing you from quitting…! On the one hand, this is good news. Because now we know…

  • If you’re too tired to exercise regularly..

  • If you try to “eat your feelings”…

  • If you can’t help but look in the mirror and hate what you see…

None of these problems are your fault — they’re the fault of sugar! So how do we quit? Well.. give me 45 minutes and I’ll give you a tried-and-true, scientifically backed solution. By the end, you’ll know how to wake up without the typical “sugar slowness” amongst moms (yes, this is a real thing, and I’ll explain more in the workshop!)

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